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My name is Lucia Eggenhoffer aka Eggen. I’m an independent Slovak artist (illustrator, writer and photographer) living in Prague, Czech Republic.

In my illustrations and drawings I focus on animals and women’s rights, often using humour to communicate educational messages. However, I’m always open to new creative experiences and challenges. 

I love animals and can’t imagine this world without them. I spent my childhood at the veterinary hospital where my father was a veterinary surgeon, allowing me to spend lots of time with all kinds of animals at every stage of life. More recently, I share my life with two tuxedo cats and a brown standard poodle who bring great joy to every day. 

I have 20 years of international experience working as a multi-award winning Copywriter, Art Director and Creative Director in advertising and more than 15 years of experience in documentary and street photography. 

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I have written four books of poetry and prose. My writings received many awards, e.g. my first book of poetry received a Debut Of The Year award and many of my poems were published in magazines and anthologies as well as being broadcast on national radio. During my Master’s degree in British and American Studies I focused on translation of poetry from English into Slovak. I created e.g. translation of the poem ‘The Wasteland’ by T.S. Eliot to Slovak language. 


My creative ideas were awarded in many international advertising competitions such as Young Lions Cannes and the Golden Award For Outstanding Creativity at Mobius Awards in Los Angeles, USA. My creative ideas were also published in various industry publications including Shots, Lürzer's Archive and ADC Best of European Design and Advertising.


I have also achieved various awards for documentary and street photography, including 2nd place in the international competition Professional Photographer of the Year. My photographs have been published in a number of prestigious publications such as Leica Photography International magazine, National Geographic and on the cover of the American Theatre magazine. I have exhibited my photos in the UK, USA and France and my work is also part of The Bibliothèque Nationale de France. Find out more at my photography website