Are you wondering who is behind Eggenland?


It’s me, illustrator, writer and photographer Eggen and my beloved animal team, a standard chocolate brown poodle Bubble, a cat Machiko and a tomcat Katsuro. They are always with me when I create in my studio. We are based in the heart of Europe, in Prague, Czech Republic.

In Eggenland we support Animal and Women's Rights, LGB, Freedom of Speech, Education and Humor. When you buy an Art Print, Poster, T-Shirt, Mug, Notebook or whatever you like in Eggenland, you can make yourself happy, make others smile, but also spread a message about important things.

Thanks to support of my customers I can stay independent, focus on what is important, draw illustrations, write articles or books, do research, study and spread the message as much as possible. I can be here for those who need it, for those who can't speak or are silenced.

Welcome to Eggenland, make yourself at home, and if there's anything you would like to ask or share, write me to



Have an eggsceptional day!
Eggen, Bubble, Machiko and Katsuro

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